Terms and Conditions

Package and single session prices are available.  

£75 for the first session – This is a 90 minute session

2 x sessions £135.00

3x sessions £190.00

4 x sessions £245.00

5 x sessions £295.00

If you are sure that you only want one session, this will cost £60 for 1hr

Stop smoking £195.00

Virtual Gastic Band Package £395.00 for 6 sessions or initial consultation £90.00 and session 2,3,4,5,6 at £75.00 each

Normally for Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching it is advisable to have 3 or more sessions to gain maximum benefit and then evaluate.  Concessions may be available.

Fees include: pre-session planning and assessment, one-to-one therapy, post session review, a confirmation email of any home activities set during the session and/or supportive handouts.  There is email support outside of sessions if required.

Fees are subject to regular review.


The first appointment is longer so allow 1 1/2 hours and then 1 hour for each following 

appointment.  Please ensure that you arrive on time to your appointment to gain the most from your session.


Appointments will be held via Zoom or Skype.

Home visits may be available if you are unable to attend e.g. due to a condition, a disability or if you have no access to the internet.  A fee will be charged for fuel depending on your location and you will be notified of this at the time of the booking.  Please ensure that we have a quiet space for therapy available.

Payment Terms:

The whole payment is to be by BACS – payable 4 working days prior to the session, and funds must have cleared before the session starts.


There is a 50% cancellation fee charged for a missed session.  This is due to costs incurred by the Practitioner.


Therapy does not take the place of conventional medical treatment.  If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you are suffering from any medical condition, please consult your GP or hospital, it is recommended, should you consider it appropriate, to inform all parties concerned that you are receiving treatments.

If I feel it is not appropriate for therapy to take place then I may refer you to your GP or discuss other options that may be considered.

Client Welfare:

You will be treated with care and respect at all times.

Please ensure that you the client:

  • Are free from drugs or alcohol when attending an appointment
  • Treat your Practitioner with respect
  • Take your therapy seriously and are committed to making changes yourself

All information disclosed during consultations shall remain confidential.  However, please note that if there are any disclosures during the therapy session which may be of a criminal nature or that out yourself or other people at risk , then I, the Practitioner, have a duty of care to disclose this information to the appropriate authority.

You will be provided with a clean, safe and secure environment.

As part of the initial consultation, contact details for your GP and next of kin will be requested along with confirmation that they may be contacted should the Practitioner feel it is appropriate.

Records of all sessions including dates and advice will be kept in safe custody for seven years from the date of your last consultation.  You have the right to access these records if you wish.

Your Practitioner:

The Practitioner adheres to the IHA’s (International Hypnotherapy Association) Code of Ethics.

The Practitioner is registered with the ICO (Information Commission Office) re: Data Protection.

The Practitioner reserves the right to refuse or postpone treatment if she feels physically unsafe, disrespected or abused.

The Practitioner may appoint a therapeutic Executer, such that in the event of an emergency, serious illness, or death, clients may be contacted accordingly and referred onwards.


You are attending the appointments at your own will.

Every effort will be made by me to help resolve or achieve your presenting issue, however, there

are no promises or guarantee made that you will find resolution.

All therapy requires the you to be committed to change and be prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality in your life.